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Transform your dog's health with the clean source proteins, vet recommended nutrition and targeted ingredients.

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  • 100% natural superfoods

    Insect protein is genuine superfood! It has 3x the protein and half the fat of commercial dog food – not shabby for one of the tiniest protein sources!

  • Great taste that satisfies

    We do not alter the original flavour of the protein by using any commercial palatants. Dogs love the natural taste and are fed less to offer complete nutrition!

  • Naturally Hypoallergenic

    Just like humans, dogs are increasingly suffering more allergies and food intolerances. YumGrubs has natural anti allergy properties that suits all dogs.

  • Sustainable at heart

    Fun fact, food waste makes up 10% of greenhouse emissions. YumGrubs are made from Black Soldier Fly Larvae, which are nature’s tool against food waste.

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Sometimes life gives you bugs, and the only thing to do is turn them into a complete, balanced meal for your dog!

We believe that loving your pet and loving the planet can go together - which is why we’ve created our very own sustainable pet food brand with YumGrubs!

Unlike commercial pet food, our insect-based meals have all of the amazing nutrition you would expect from top-quality brand and actually helps the planet. Instead of using industrial livestock to get our protein, we use an amazing little bug called the Black Soldier Fly Larvae.

Black Soldier Fly Larvae actually eat leftover agricultural produce, which would have turned into methane, a greenhouse gas that heats up our planet and help manage emissions that makes a positive impact. 

We ask you to join us in our mission to develop the most nutritious and tasty pet food on the planet, while being responsible citizens of planet Earth.

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