We're a small company, with a big mission

Did you know that insects are the healthiest protein for your pet? Not only is insect protein more sustainable, but it is also safer and less resource intensive to produce than meat. Sound too good to be true? With YumGrubs, we’re working to raise awareness of these benefits and provide a product that will keep your dog coming back for more.

It's good to be a dog. It's even better to be a dog on YumGrubs!

At Protenga, We are a small company with a big mission. We are building YumGrubs with a vision to become a leader within the natural premium pet food focussing on clean source proteins, natural ingredients and a tasty alternative to commercial pet food that is devoid of preservatives, fillers and other nasties.  

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The increasing demand for animal-based protein cannot meet the number of agricultural farms there are. By 2050, our planet will need to sustain more than 9.5 billion humans, more than 2 billion pets, and more than 20 billion livestock animals.  We want to be more responsible for the planet that we live in, at the same time eat quality food. 

Protenga believes that we can all be part of the solution to world hunger. And the best way to do that is through sustainable agriculture and the use of edible insects. We believe that happier, healthier dogs make better pet parents. 

How did we at Protenga get to creating YumGrubs?

As entrepreneurs at Protenga, We believe that innovation – especially in nutrition and sustainability, should be accessible. We see a huge opportunity to upend how the pet nutrition industry works. We want to be able to give our pets the best quality, but most commercial pet products on the market just don’t cut it.

We're not making and selling these just to make a quick buck. We really want to change the world and help our pets live longer and healthier lives. We believe that insects are an amazing and responsible source of protein, which is why we engineered this delicious wet dog food.

It’s filled with Black Soldier fly derived single source protein which is grown and farmed in our own farms in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. It contains all the rich amino acids and all sorts of other natural, nutrient dense ingredients. But all you’re going to notice is how happy your pup is!

What goes in YumGrubs?

Our main ingredient, the Black Soldier Fly larvae (Hermetia Illucens) are nature's own superheroes. BSFLs are able to consume and break down any organic produce. They are not harmful to crops or other creatures - the adult flies don't even eat! (their adult lifespan of 5 days is only for mating). Yet, these tiny wriggly, yummy grubs have the power to manufacture nutrients.