About Us

For food:

Fishes jump out of the water
Reptiles actively hunt
Chickens scratch the ground

What do they eat? Grubs!

Grubs: crunchy, protein-packed with lots of nutrients, are naturally the choice of animals. Yum!

Animals instinctively know what's good for them, their diet, and their planet. 

What can we learn from them? The increasing demand for animal-based protein cannot meet the number of agricultural farms there are. By 2050, our planet will need to sustain more than 9.5 billion humans, more than 2 billion pets, and more than 20 billion livestock animals.  We want to be more responsible for the planet that we live in, at the same time eat quality food. 

Then we looked at our pets (we're all pet owners!). Do we know what they're eating? What are the real ingredients of his expensive food? Are my pets also contributing to the depletion of fish stocks?

He gives the best hugs

That's when it clicked.

We need to produce quality food not only for us, but for our pets as well.

Our main ingredient, the Black Soldier Fly larvae (Hermetia Illucens) are nature's own superheroes. BSFLs are able to consume and break down any organic waste. They are not harmful to crops or other creatures - the adult flies don't even eat! (their adult lifespan of 5 days is only for mating). Yet, these tiny wriggly, yummy grubs have the power to convert waste into nutrients.

YumGrubs is helping Mother Earth.